jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

At the police station

Ever been arrested?

In this case you will probably notice that all the expressions you learned at school about the advantages and disadvantages of public transport is not exactly what you need. If you try, you will also notice that the police officers aren't really interested in global warming, recycling or other issues you are so familiar with after some years of English at school.

You want to get away with it? Here are the ten expressions you really need:
  1. I didn't do it.
  2. That's not mine. Somebody must have put it there.
  3. This is a mistake. I shouldn't be here.
  4. I'm innocent. My wife did it. (or husband, son, daughter....anybody will do)
  5. These handcuffs are too tight. They're hurting me.
  6. I want a lawyer.
  7. You obviously don't know who I am. I want to talk to the ambassador IM-ME-DIA-TE-LY
  8. He was already dead when I came in.
  9. Why should I do that?
  10. Have you asked my twin brother?